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Our Student Speak
  • TCYonline provided me a competitive platform where I had an opportunity to stretch my potential to the maximum. My family supported me at every step and so did my mentors, friends and TCYonline.

  • The experience at TCYonline is so energising that I pushed myself to the limit and got the desired result. Peer competition, mentor's advice and regular practice tests helped me a lot.

  • I was not aware about the Olympiads, but when I came to know about them, I felt as if I had missed on so many things. Thanks to TCYonline, I was able to cope up with rising competition and the result is that I am one of those who made everyone proud by clearing NTSE.

  • I was not a confident person and was afraid of asking questions in the class. But mentors at TCYonline supported me a lot in overcoming my fears and made me believe in myself and my knowledge. I credit my success to TCYonline, which helped me to clear NTSE and many other Olympiads.

  • I will always be grateful to TCYonline, not only for helping me clear NTSE but also for providing me conceptual knowledge that would always be useful for the rest of my life. Thumbs up for TCYonline!

  • I never imagined I would be one of those who have the potential to clear NTSE and similar Olympiads. I am grateful to TCYonline who has made me competent enough for my future challenges.

  • I am highly thankful to TCYonline for helping me achieve my dream to clear NTSE. The mentors are very supportive.

    Devesh Maurya
  • TCYonline practice tests were awesome and helped me a lot in my NTSE exam.

    Prasun Kumar
  • Thank you TCYonline for helping me qualify for NTSE Stage 2. Your tests were crucial for judging my abilities and correcting my mistakes.

    Ankit Yadav