TCY-K12 Tells

  • Why to Improve

    Bridges the gap between your present preparation level and the level required for success in future competitions.

  • How to Improve

    Customizes learning modules to your own unique requirements by identifying improvement areas and types of mistakes.

  • What to Improve

    Presents feedback on what to read, watch and practice for solid, measurable improvement.

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Courses Offered
  • Foundation Programs
    (NTSE & Olympiads)

    Training for High Potential students to develop a strong foundation for all Future Competitions.

  • Board Exams

    Chapter-wise subjective & objective tests for Math & Science.

  • Competitive Exams
    (Engg & Med)

    Subject-wise & mock tests for JEE, BITSAT, AIPMT, AIIMS & other entrance exams.

What Learners Say
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    The experience at STEPS was not only about great teachers, but also about systematic preparation through Weekly Testing & Corrective Action Reports. With each test, my teachers could clearly identify where I needed to work harder, and that helped me a lot. The credit for my CGPA 10 goes to the inputs I received through the unique methodology. In all, it has been a great experience connecting with STEPS and TCY-K12.

    Mansi Garg
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    I have achieved 10 on 10 in both Math and Science. Before joining STEPS, I was having a great fear about how I would achieve good marks in Science. But the TCY-K12 methodology, at STEPS, helped me to overcome this fear, and I am thankful to STEPS for making my base strong in both Math and Science. Especially, the Weekly Test Series & the Corrective Action Report helped me analyse my mistakes and achieve 10 out of 10 CGPA.

    Ashvita Vassan
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    Getting 10 CGPA was like a 'dream come true'. It was possible only due to the scientific approach of learning through TCY-K12 methodology at STEPS. The regular testing, followed by Reports, made scoring easy. At any point, I always knew in which topic areas I needed to work harder.

    Ajitesh Bhardwaj
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    The new concepts in school were very scary but STEPS made them easy for me. Science and Math were the only areas which I thought would create a problem, but I was able to overcome all my weaknesses through Weekly Testing and Corrective Actions. I thank TCY-K12 programme at STEPS for my 10 CGPA.

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    My experience with TCY-K12 programme at STEPS has been great! This is where I learnt that things are not to be crammed or gulped; they need to be understood. Thanks to STEPS and all the concerned teachers. It was the right choice made.

    Rhythm Aneja